Research: authorities stacked wrong for wrong in ski village Ischgl | Abroad

An independent committee of experts has come to these conclusions, which investigated the corona failure of Ischgl. The committee presented a report of about three hundred pages on Monday. The researchers are not tender with their criticism, Austrian media report.

The local government made a series of misjudgments with dire consequences, partly due to “the great time constraints and work pressure.” The area was quarantined “without necessary preparation.” Also, skiing was only stopped on March 12. That should have happened sooner if the course of the corona infections had been “correctly assessed,” the report said.

Chancellor Kurz and the Ministry of Health in Vienna are also beaten. There was a lack of communication with the responsible authorities in the region. The exodus of the ski tourists went without control. The declaration of the quarantine provoked panicky reactions. The foreign guests should not have left immediately, but spread over several days, according to the committee.

Thousands of infections

Thousands of people were infected in Ischgl, which bills itself as the Ibiza of the Alps. The virus could spread quickly in apr├Ęs ski bars, among other places.

More than 6,000 holidaymakers from dozens of countries, including about 800 Dutch people, have now reported to a consumer association that represents their interests. They hope for compensation. In addition, legal action has already been taken against the Austrian authorities. In addition, the Public Prosecution Service in Tyrol is investigating the actions of the mayor of Ischgl and three officials.

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