Rescuing a Child’s Life from a Plastic Toy Lodged in their Lung

A medical team at Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, in cooperation with Al Qasimi Hospital, affiliated to the Emirates Health Services Corporation, succeeded in saving the life of a 14-year-old boy, after he arrived at the hospital’s emergency department suffering from coughing and suffocation after swallowing a plastic toy.

The Foundation explained to «Emirates Today» that the X-ray and CT scan showed the presence of a foreign body in the lower part of the right lung, which required a bronchoscopy, as it was found that the foreign body settled in the child’s right lung, which resulted in symptoms that almost killed his life.

And she continued, “The hospital decided, in cooperation with the ENT team at Al Qasimi Hospital, to remove the body through binoculars using a flexible microscope to reach the right lung, where the doctors succeeded in extracting the plastic piece and saving the child’s life.”

For her part, Director of Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, Dr. Afraa Salem, confirmed that the Emirates Health Services Corporation is keen to follow treatment methods based on adopting the latest medical devices in health facilities, with the aim of rapid and effective medical response to the needs of society.

She explained that the Emirates Health Services Corporation, in its hospitals, is equipped with the latest types of rigid and flexible bronchoscopy devices and equipment, and various types of body removal tools; It contributed to enabling Kuwait Hospital to deal with cases of swallowed bodies, which positively affected the patient’s condition and recovery.

In turn, the consultant pulmonologist at the hospital, Dr. Rajesh Gupta, who performed the video bronchoscopy, explained that prompt diagnosis is vital in cases of swallowing foreign bodies, given the difficulty of extracting them and requires skill and experience of the doctor, pointing out that there are many symptoms that determine the patient’s condition in What is related to the ingestion of foreign bodies, especially in children, the most important of which is the site of obstruction, in addition to the fact that 80% of foreign bodies settle in the main or middle bronchi and the lower airway, and that 20% settle in the larynx and the upper airway.

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