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The German rescue ship “Alan Kurdi” has brought 156 people to safety. However, these may not enter Italy, but must be quarantined for two weeks.

In the past mission, the German rescue ship “Alan Kurdi” saved 156 people and brought them to safety. But the ship may not call at an Italian port in the next two weeks. Italy will, however, provide a ship on which people can spend a 14-day quarantine.

The Italian Red Cross will provide medical care during isolation, the head of Italian civil defense, Angelo Borrelli, announced on Sunday. The “Alan Kurdi” is currently in international waters off the western coast of Sicily. A landing in an Italian port is currently not possible due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Italy demands German action

Due to the pandemic, Italy no longer sees itself as a safe haven for migrants and refugees. In recent days, Italy has repeatedly asked Germany to take action. As the rescue ship of the aid organization “Sea-Eye” sails under the German flag, Germany is responsible, so Rome’s argument.

The “Alan Kurdi” (see archive slide show) is currently the only ship of an NGO that, despite Corona, is currently saving refugees from the Mediterranean. Italy, which already has more than 19,000 corona deaths, is currently unable to help in this regard.

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