Rescue operation on Senja: – Man is said to have fallen from a mountain

Troms police district reported the incident at 14.23. An air ambulance and a rescue helicopter from the Air Force’s base at Banak have been sent to assist. The same is a police helicopter and crew from the Red Cross.

It is a tour group that is said to have seen the man fall and alerted the police. They are said to have gone parts of the trip with him, but he was not with the whole trip, task leader Frode Lahelle informs NRK.

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The police confirm just before 18.00 that a backpack has been found in the area. However, they have not been able to identify the man who is said to have fallen out of its contents.

They do not know who he is.

– Demanding terrain

The pot tip is 855 meters high and a popular hiking destination.

In an update in connection with the discovery of the backpack, the police write that search crews must be secured due to demanding terrain.

– It is steep and demanding here, and there is still snow in the area, they write.

APPLICANT: Flightradar’s overview shows that a rescue helicopter is searching the area on Thursday night. Photo: Flightradar24 / screenshot
sea ​​view

Demanding conditions are also confirmed by the operative leader of Finnsnes Red Cross, Asbjørn Skjellstad, to Dagbladet.

– Very steep mountain conditions that made it challenging to apply, he writes in an SMS.

Must secure rescue personnel

Skjellstad says that there were nine who contributed from Finnsnes Red Cross, but that they have now graduated due to the difficult conditions.

The police state that personnel from the Norwegian Alpine Rescue Groups (NARG) will assist in securing those who remain at the site.

However, the weather should be fine in the area and it is possible to get to the exploration area both on foot and on skis.

The case is being updated.

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