Requirements for enrolling in NY universities by undocumented students

After the approval in 2019 of the “José Peralta Dream Law”, in the state of New York, foreign students who are undocumented can now enroll in any of the universities, meeting certain requirements.

They may also access state-administered financial aid and scholarships.

Requirements to enter New York universities if you are an undocumented student

  • Pass the General Educational Development Test, which is a high school equivalency diploma, or have obtained a bachelor’s degree in the United States.
  • Identify the study program and degree to which they aspire. For example: Bachelor’s Degree or Associate’s Degree, so you should be familiar with what type of degree you want to obtain.
  • Have good grades during high school, as it will help you both when applying to universities and applying for scholarships.

How to access the tuition of a university in New York

Once you meet the requirements, you must apply to the undergraduate program within 5 years of your high school graduation date. It also applies to those who wish to study a postgraduate degree.

Begin by registering in the application of the “José Peralta Dream Law”, through this link. It is essential that you have an active email.

It is essential that when you register you check the “immigrant” box, since it corresponds to your immigration status. You should also know that all your data is confidential.

Once you register and apply, meeting all the requirements, you must now wait for acceptance by the Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC), the agency that helps students financially.

Next, you must submit an application to the New York Tuition Assistance Program, which is a scholarship to pay your tuition at authorized universities in New York. Upon approval, the academic institution will be notified for your admission.

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