Reproductive Health Consultant: The country has a population plan for 10 years

Dr. Atef Al-Sheitani, a consultant, said Reproductive Health And the decision of the National Population Council previously stated that the development of the road network in the Egyptian state has a far-reaching impact on facing the demographic problem, adding that 13% of the women who take birth control decisions did not have sufficient information to implement this order.

“Al-Sheitani” added, during a telephone conversation on the “Al-Now” program, broadcast on the “Exeter News” satellite channel, that convoys Reproductive Health Launched by the Ministry of Health, it is considered complementary to the rest of the efforts made by the Egyptian state, noting that family planning efforts are divided into two parts, namely raising awareness and developing society so that the citizen can take important decisions in his reproductive life.

Consultant noted Positive health, That there are many citizens who do not follow the state’s decisions in the family planning process, because in some areas there is suffering; From the distance of the health unit, a shortage of service providers, geographical obstacles and invalid roads.

He pointed out that the overpopulation crisis in Egypt has worsened, stressing that it reduces the minimum per capita of its natural resources, noting that it is an extended, chronic and heavy problem in reforming it.

He explained that the state has a strategy and a plan for the population that will be for 10 years, in order for it to have a great impact on the ground, stressing that the state’s strategy will solve much of the crisis we are experiencing now.

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