Reprimand greetings that ended in sorrow, Al reminded Ammar of this, Lawyer Nino’s reaction made Andin reckless in the bond of love

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Drama Love Bond 12 April 2022is predicted to tell about the chaos that occurred when Aldebaran and Ammar Mahendra met face to face.

In last night’s episode, it was told Aldebaran have an urgent meeting. There is a business colleague who came all the way from Singapore to meet up Aldebaran.

As a result, Aldebaran asked Felicia to take care of everything. Aldebaran also held a meeting with colleagues at a restaurant.

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Andin whined and asked to join her husband’s meeting. As a result, Aldebaran also had to bring his wife and two children to the meeting.

In addition, Kiki and Mirna were invited to the restaurant. They are assigned to look after Try and Askara.

In short Aldebaran and the group arrived at the hotel restaurant.

On the other hand, Ammar Mahendra was in the same place. He and his secretary, Yolanda, were meeting their clients at the hotel restaurant.

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