Representatives of Ukraine will not get to the conference in Lugano on the restoration of Ukraine because of the head of the Chernihiv OVA Chaus

“Representatives of Ukraine will not get to the international conference on the restoration of Ukraine because of the” policy “of the head of the UVA and some officials of the President’s Office. Today, as the mayor of Chernihiv, I was groundlessly banned from visiting Switzerland, to the Conference on the restoration of Ukraine and the Chernihiv region in particular” – said Atroshenko.

He suggested comparing the invitation of Switzerland and the refusal of Ukrainian officials: “This is how European partners treat Ukraine, residents and heads of dilapidated Ukrainian cities.”

“Dear Mr. Atroshenko. The Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine has the honor to invite you to a conference on the restoration of Ukraine. This year, when Ukraine continues to courageously defend its independence and territorial integrity, supporting the country’s efforts to resist, restore and reconstruct is more important than ever,” the statement says. in invitation from Switzerland. And here is how some officials from the Office of the President treat Ukraine, residents and heads of dilapidated Ukrainian cities, who during the war, together with the head of the UVA, decided to play politics. “A decision was made to refuse to cross the state border to leave Ukraine for a citizen of Ukraine Atroshenko,” the response of Ukrainian officials says,” Atroshenko wrote.

He noted that such situations lead not only to the loss of opportunities to attract investment for the restoration of Chernihiv, but also damage the image of the authorities.

“They don’t care that the Lugano conference is a unique opportunity for Ukraine to raise funds for reconstruction. that Chernihiv is one of the cities that has experienced some of the most destruction in Ukraine from the Russian invaders.Using every opportunity to raise funds for the restoration of the city is my direct responsibility.Forbid me to raise funds from international partners for the restoration of the city due to political expediency – meanness and betrayal of state interests. Such actions of officials discredit not me, but Ukraine and the president. It is a pity that conclusions are not drawn and the shameful practice does not stop, “summed up the mayor of Chernihiv.


Atroshenko in June intended to visit Polish Rzeszow – he planned to sign an agreement on cooperation and assistance to Chernigov, which was bombed by Russian invaders.

The mayor said that he has a complete list of documents allowing to cross the border for official purposes. He said that there were four people in the delegation, but the customs inspector allegedly had questions only about his documents, which were confiscated.

Atroshenko also appealed to the leadership of the State Border Service with a demand to provide him with information about who gave a verbal order to prohibit him from leaving on a business trip.

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