Reports of a new drone attack in Russia

An oil tanker is said to have caught fire after a drone strike at Kursk airport on the Ukrainian border, the regional governor said on Tuesday morning. Russia accuses Ukraine of carrying out several such attacks this week.


– As a result of the drone strike in the Kursk airport area, an oil tank caught fire. No one was killed or injured, writes Kursk governor Roman Starovoyt in a Telegram message.

Ukrainian authorities have not commented on the alleged drone attack. So far, no media outlet has been able to verify the messages.

Russian authorities also accused Ukraine of being behind it on Monday drone attack on two military airfields in Russia, in the Ryazan region and the Saratov region, respectively. Three soldiers were killed and four others injured, according to Russian authorities.

Verifiable Indeed, which is a collaboration between VG and other Norwegian media, has location-verified video showing an explosion in Saratov, but was unable to verify that the explosion occurred at the airport.


The attack on Saratov has attracted attention, as the airport is located about 600-700 kilometers from the territories controlled by Ukraine.

Ukraine has not yet claimed responsibility for any of the attacks, but a Ukrainian official has claimed so, according to The New York Times they are behind the attacks on the two airports.

Monday afternoon at big missile attack from opposite direction. Air raid sirens sounded across Ukraine at around 1pm and residents were told to take cover.

Ukraine said it shot down 60 of more than 70 Russian missiles in the attack, while Russia’s Defense Ministry said it hit seventeen of its targets.

SMOKE: Images on social media from Tuesday morning show black smoke over what should be Kursk airport. Images have not been independently verified.

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