Reports CDMX sub-exercise for 33 mmdp; Sheinbaum says it is in tender

Despite the fact that the Secretariat of Administration and Finance of Mexico City informed the deputies of the capital’s Congress that during the first half of 2020 a 33.3 billion pesos sub-fiscal year, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo commented that although it is reported as a sub-exercise, the vast majority is committed or in the bidding process.

“Practically everything is already committed, there is a part, it is considered exercised when the resource has already left the government funds, from the different institutions, not only the central government, but also mayors and autonomous institutions, decentralized organizations

“But there is no part of commitments in that report, which is also very important, that is, contracts that are already made and that payments are about to be released, or that a payment has already been released and the following payments are missing” said the president.

He recalled that the budget exercise had limitations due to the pandemic issue, but later the process was accelerated, for which, he stressed, most of the process is compromised.

“The majority is committed, in the Ministry of Works we are about to sign, we have reported, the construction of the Cuajimalpa hospital, that we are going to sign it with Sedena so that they can help with the construction, that part is not committed, but he is about to commit; the high school that is in tender, which is the high school of Álvaro Obregón, the majority is in tender or already signing a commitment contract, “he said.

He considered that Mexico City has an adequate exercise, although at the beginning, as in every year, a delay occurred and explained that the deputies who consider that there has been an excess of savings are wrong.

“They are wrong, perhaps it is reflected as a sub-exercise, but I repeat, most of it is already committed or in tender,” he said.


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