Reporter Chris Kamara misses a dismissal: “I don’t know, Jeff!”

Chris Kamara – a happy nature. picture: sky sports


Reporters missed the reprimand – and everyone laughs crookedly

April 3, 2010: The goalless draw between Portsmouth and the Blackburn Rovers does not go down in history because of the result. But because of a red card and a television man who is supposed to describe them, but stupidly did not notice the dismissal.

Chris Kamara is a professional footballer himself when he was young. After years with third-rate clubs like Swindon Town or Brentford, the midfielder made it into the First Division with Leeds United in the fall of his career, before the introduction of the Premier League England’s highest league. In the master season 1991/92, he made two partial appearances.

Later Kamara first became a trainer and then a television reporter. He is standing in a stadium and the studio switches to him so that he describes what has happened. In principle it is radio with picture, TV stations handle it that way if they do not have any broadcasting rights.

The scene that makes Kamara known beyond the borders. Video: YouTube / Soccer AM

In April 2010, Chris Kamara was at Fratton Park in Portsmouth. The home club has almost relegated as bottom of the table, while Blackburn is no longer at stake in midfield. Maybe that’s why Kamara is not quite there. Because when moderator Jeff Stelling joins him from the studio, he is standing next to his shoes.

“I don’t know, Jeff!”

“Off to Fratton Park, where there was a dismissal,” Stelling introduces the counter, “but for whom, Chris Kamara?”

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The stunned reporter replies: “I don’t know, Jeff. Was there really one? I must have missed it. »

Big laughter in the studio and probably also in many English rooms. picture: sky sports

Now the moderators in the studio bend with laughter. «Chris, didn’t you watch? I don’t have it, ”says Stelling,“ I really have no idea what happened there. What happened? »He asks. Again the answer comes from Fratton Park: “I don’t know, Jeff!”

Hit parade striker and TV celebrity

Now Kamara is bawling too. But it gets even better. Stelling informs the reporter that Portsmouth’s Anthony Vanden Borre has seen red. Then Kamara: «You are right, I saw him disappear. But I thought they’d change him, Jeff. » Loud laughter in the studio.

The dropout did not harm Chris Kamara’s career. In England, depending on your point of view, he is a B, C or D celebrity. He participated in quiz programs as well as in baking competitions, tried himself as a ninja warrior and made it to number 8 on the charts in 2019 with a Christmas album, both in England and Scotland.

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