Report Immediately If Experiencing Any Unusual Symptoms After Immunization


Chairman of the National Commission for Post-Immunization Association Events (Komnas KIPI) Prof. Dr. dr. Hindra Irawan Satari, said that not all vaccine recipient bodies will experience the same reaction. Because, everyone’s body condition is different.

Therefore, if you see, feel symptoms and unusual reactions after getting the vaccine, as much as possible to immediately report the incident so that it can be immediately followed up.

“The process of monitoring and studying the Post Immunization Association (KIPI) will continue to be carried out by the relevant institutions,” he said in a written statement, Saturday (11/21/2020).

dr. Hindra explained AEFI is any medical event after immunization that is suspected of having a relationship with vaccine administration. This can be uncomfortable or unexpected symptoms or signs, laboratory abnormalities, signs or illnesses.

The public, he said, could easily report KIPI through a form that could be downloaded from the link From the incoming reports, it will be followed up and assessed whether it is caused by the vaccine itself, or the procedure for administering it, even if it could be due to coincidence or chance.

“There is already Komnas KIPI, namely the Independent Committee which will conduct studies for the response to AEFI reports. This committee consists of competent people ranging from pediatricians, pediatricians, epidemiologists to forensic doctors,” he explained in a productive dialogue with the theme ‘Vaccine Safety. and Answering AEFI some time ago.

According to him, the KIPI that will occur is unlikely to be heavy. Because in the vaccine development process, safety is always the main thing that is assessed and monitored even since the vaccine is entered in the preclinical phase.

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“Each phase in a clinical trial must go through a safety process in order to advance to the next phase,” he concluded.

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