Report finds a serious case of mishandling of complaints at Global Affairs

The report by Joe Friday, the Commissioner for Public Sector Integrity, unveiled in Parliament on Thursday, says that a previous internal departmental investigation also found that the CEO screamed at the workplace and once introduced a member of the team like their fellow terrorist.

The report concluded that the department mishandled its response to complaints, including the promise of an action plan that was never implemented.

He points out that Global Affairs Canada had promoted the framework, despite its repeated insults to staff members, including comments on someone’s weight and characterizing a training session as a concentration camp talking to a Jewish colleague.

The report says the senior executive said during the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner’s investigation that he took past results seriously and was working hard to change his ways, but evidence at the investigation suggests that the misconduct continued.

The leader could not be reached on Thursday for comment on the report, and a man who answered the phone at his home said he was out of the country.


Global Affairs Canada responded to the report by stating that it will initiate a new disciplinary process, assess the working climate in the relevant management and strengthen ethics training.

We are committed to working conscientiously to implement recommendations that will help improve health and well-being at workspokeswoman Anabel Lindblad wrote on Thursday.

He said that means making sure staff members complete mandatory training and adhere to policies, whether they are in Canada or overseas.

Global Affairs Canada is committed to creating a culture that protects psychological health, safety and well-being in all aspects of the workplace through collaboration, inclusion and respect. This includes avoiding hateful and anti-Semitic comments at all times.

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