Repair of airline tickets and oil rigs. An elderly woman from Brno sent half a million to a fake suitor

Police spokesman Bohumil Malášek briefed the case on Wednesday. According to investigators, the woman was contacted by a man on a social network in the middle of summer. Police did not disclose the age of the Brno woman, the spokesperson spoke of an elderly woman.

The scammer presented himself as a widowed fitter working on an oil rig project in Sicily.

“The non-binding e-mail communication soon took on different dimensions. Above all, it turned into daily communication, in which a marriage proposal had to arrive at the end. In addition, interesting requests began to arrive from the future husband. The allowance for the plane ticket it was understandable, “Malášek said.

Although, according to the police, the other requests included quite absurd ideas, the woman still continued to send money.

“Among other things, he sent an allowance for the repair of an oil drill and an oil rig. In two months, he has sent more than four hundred thousand crowns to various foreign accounts, ”Malášek added.

According to criminologists, similar cases have increased recently. The frauds have the same scenario: unknown perpetrators, usually pretending to be soldiers or doctors abroad, usually approach women with the intention of friendship and marriage, then extort money from them under various pretexts.

In connection with these frauds, criminal experts warn against making dangerous acquaintances with someone you do not know other than as an anonymous person in the virtual world of the Internet.

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