Reorganization of the opening and closing ceremony production team for the Olympics, leaving Mansai Nomura and others –Tokyo Olympics 2020: Nikkan Sports

The Tokyo Olympics (Olympic Games) and Paralympics opening and closing ceremony production team, which was postponed to next summer due to the influence of the new coronavirus, will be reorganized, according to interviews with several tournament officials on the 22nd. The current team of seven people led by Kyogen master Mansai Nomura (54) has been disbanded, and Hiroshi Sasaki (66), the creative director who was currently the director of the Paralympics, will become the new general manager. Mr. Nomura will be newly appointed as an advisor to the Games Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee will meet and announce on the 23rd.

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Since the meaning of the Tokyo 2020 Games, which was held this year, and the events held in the society of With Corona will change significantly, it is necessary to change the plan for the opening and closing ceremony. Therefore, it was revealed that the team of directors for the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympic paras will be reorganized.

Mr. Nomura, who is in charge of general management, Mr. Takashi Yamazaki, who is in charge of the Olympics, Mr. Sasaki, who is in charge of para, choreographer, MIKIKO, singer, Ringo Sheena, and film producer Genki Kawamura. The current team consisting of Para Creative Producer Yoshie Kurisu has been disbanded. A new team will be formed with Mr. Sasaki at the top.

Mr. Sasaki is one of the people who planned “Abe Mario” by former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the hand-over ceremony to Tokyo held at the closing ceremony of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016. He overtook Rikako Ikee, a swimmer who had recovered from leukemia, and also directed a year ago event held at the National Stadium on July 23, this year.

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According to the people concerned, the production plan for the opening and closing ceremony planned for this year is not suitable for the ceremony to be held after Corona. On the other hand, I was worried that if the seven creators reworked a new plan, it would be difficult for the ideas to come together.

Seven months left until the opening ceremony of the Olympics. In order to increase the momentum and plan, we evaluated the skill of succeeding Rio’s takeover ceremony and Ikee’s one year ago event, and put Mr. Sasaki at the top. With the exception of Mr. Nomura, who will be appointed as an advisor, it is undecided whether the other five members will be involved in the ceremony in any way.

The Tokyo Olympics were postponed for the first time in the 124-year history of the modern Olympics. The Organizing Committee and others want to express at the opening ceremony the proof that human beings have defeated Corona at the historic tournament.

▼ January 2016 Mr. Sasaki, Mr. MIKIKO, Mr. Ringo Shiina and others will be elected as study members for the 2016 Rio Olympics takeover ceremony.

▼ December 2017 Opening and closing ceremony of the Olympic Para 4 Ceremony A comprehensive planning team was established with eight people including Mr. Nomura and Mr. Sasaki.

▼ July 2018 The members of the same team will move to the opening and closing ceremony director team with eight people, and will start producing a concrete production plan.

▼ January 2008 One member of the team resigned due to power harassment issues, and the number of members has increased to seven.

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▼ Mr. Sasaki directed the event one year before the tournament that was postponed in July of the same year.

▼ December The same team was disbanded. Announced the formation of a new production team led by Mr. Sasaki.

◆ Hiroshi Sasaki Born October 18, 1954 in Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture. After graduating from Keio University, joined Dentsu in 1977. Enrolled for 26 years, worked as creative director, and became independent in 2003. Produced longevity commercials such as JR Central “Soda Kyoto, let’s go” and Fujifilm “Let’s take a picture of the New Year”. He also worked on Softbank’s “Dog’s Dad” and Suntory’s “BOSS”‘s “Alien Jones”.



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