Reopening of gyms and swimming pools at risk: the government plan

No, gyms and swimming pools may not reopen in January. Neither the 15th nor before. According to some government sources, the reopening of gyms and swimming pools, as well as beauty centers, cinemas and theaters, is very likely to postpone beyond mid-January.

January 15 yes or no?

The Dpcm December 3 had set its official closure until January 15, a date that should therefore have represented its reopening. A few days ago the same Minister of Youth Policies and Sport Vincenzo Spadafora he had said that for several days he had been working on the reopening of these spaces. But now the situation seems to have changed.

The economic situation for the sector is dramatic. First the stop during the spring lockdown, then the one fixed with the Dpcm October 24 during the second wave, confirmed by the last Dpcm. A worrying situation, so much so that, say the managers of gyms, the future of swimming pools and sports centers risks being even darker.

The decision that led to the closure of the government “is based on very complex arguments” Spadafora explained. In general, the motivation was to limit the movements and gatherings in “super diffuser” places. “There is no sports penalty criterion” he specified.

The new rules for gyms and swimming pools: the assumptions

But Spadafora’s statement (“I am working at all levels necessary to reopen gyms and swimming pools”), had given hope that a reopening could be attempted in January. Instead, perhaps, there will not be. Obviously everything it will depend on the trend of the Covid infection curve, still high, and with a certainly not negligible number of deaths, even if lower than in recent days.

The hypothesis for gyms is one reopening by further restricting entrances and restoring the rule that prohibits access to the changing rooms. Experts are expected to finalize a standard protocol that provides only single lessons and no longer in groups.

As for the pools, on the other hand, thehypothesis of a single person per ward.

The final decision of the Government will be taken close to the expiry of the decree, on the basis of the epidemiological data that will arrive after the Epiphany.



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