Reopen the churches at Easter? All against Salvini (including Catholics)

The most politically insidious is Beppe Sala. To Matteo Salvini who calls for the opening of churches for Easter Mass (“The good God is also needed,” said the leader of the League), the mayor of Milan replies slyly: “If you really want to get churches to reopen, and if it’s not just a newspaper headline, then you have to ask the Regions you govern, like Veneto and Lombardy, to make an ordinance. If not, we are always on words and not on deeds ». And so, on Palm Sunday behind closed doors, the first to break free is the governor Luca Zaia: “It is right to respect the idea: I know that many Catholics ask for the possibility of celebrating Easter”. However, the president of the Veneto recalls that «we asked the Patriarch of Venice for the possibility of respecting the larger droplet with the places marked to keep distances. But the Istituto Superiore di Sanità immediately said absolutely no. Also because – sinks the Venetian governor – there are cases of great contagion in literature precisely during religious celebrations ».

There are many negative reactions, and not only on social media. For example, Fiorello’s: «I am a Catholic, but I don’t believe that God accepts prayers only from those who go to church. If I put myself in front of the crucifix, even in the kitchen, isn’t it the same? ». And he adds: «There are already many infected priests and bishops. One person enters the supermarket at a time, what do we do in church? Does the priest say mass to one member at a time? ». According to Nicola Fratoianni, deputy Leu, Salvini “tries to go back up the slope with increasingly bizarre and dangerous ideas”.

But it is precisely from the Church that the heaviest no’s come. In the editorial de L’Avvenire yesterday, Fr Maurizio Patriciello explains that the answer to those who ask for the opening of the churches is “clarity and firmness”. Because if “it is comforting to know of the suffering of so many believers in being deprived of the Mass” it is also “certain” that “problems would have arisen which we would not have been able to solve”. With an eye to law enforcement. But above all, recalls the editorial, Pope Francis only in St. Peter’s Square on March 27 “was supported and accompanied by the prayer and love of hundreds of millions of brothers and sisters”. For the archbishop of Cosenza Francesco Nolè, the pain of closing the churches is “an act of charity towards ourselves and our brothers because in doing so we will save many lives”, while the archbishop of Siena Augusto Paolo Lojudice is very hard: “To self-styled critics I ask: do we believe that people die?” The priest from Marche Don Dino Pirri, very popular on social media, addresses directly Salvini: «The churches are closed, because we priests respect the law of our country. We obey our bishops and not you. We don’t use our people, but we love them. We do not care about consensus but about the common good ».

April 5, 2020 (change April 5, 2020 | 9:40 pm)




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