Renowned Artist Tariq Abdel Aziz Hospitalized for Urgent Heart Procedure

The artist, Tariq Abdel Aziz, suffered a health crisis that necessitated his admission to the intensive care unit in a hospital, which prompted the treating doctors to decide that he should undergo an urgent catheterization in the heart today.

It is noteworthy that the artist, Hamza Al-Aili, announced that Tariq Abdulaziz had suffered a sudden health crisis, as he wrote through his Facebook account: “My beloved and friend, the respected and dear artist, Tariq Abdel Aziz, may God heal you and grant you peace, O Lord, your sincere prayers for our kind beloved.”

It is noteworthy that the last work of Tariq Abdel Aziz, the series “Regain Ya Hawa”, which was shown during the Ramadan season before last, and starred: Khaled Al Nabawi, Nour Al-Lebanese, Hana Shiha, Wafaa Amer, and a large group of stars. (she has)

2023-06-01 12:03:11

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