Renovation Plans for Kassel-Gießen-Friedberg Route in 2030: Updates on Deutsche Bahn’s Rail Network

Renovation Plans for Kassel-Gießen-Friedberg Route in 2030: Updates on Deutsche Bahn’s Rail Network


The Kassel-Gießen-Friedberg route needs to be renovated. © Rüdiger Wölk/imago

The railway wants to comprehensively renovate the German rail network. The heavily used route from Friedberg via Gießen to Kassel is also affected.

Frankfurt/Kassel – Deutsche Bahn (DB) is under pressure to act: Numerous railway lines have to be renovated, expanded or even rebuilt if the DB wants to be sustainable. The DB has now announced what the rough schedule looks like for some important projects. At the “Rail Summit” in Frankfurt, the company recently announced, among other things, the target period for the renovation of the heavily frequented Friedberg-Gießen-Kassel route.

The Kassel-Gießen-Friedberg route will be renovated in 2030

While the Fulda-Flieden and Flieden-Hanau routes have been removed from the major general renovation plan by 2030, the important route in the middle of Hesse is still just there: the Kassel-Gießen-Friedberg route is scheduled to be completely overhauled in the first half of 2030. The section will be closed for around five months. The result: long diversions for trains and/or extensive replacement traffic that the railway has to organize. After that, rail traffic there should run undisturbed for years.

Between Kassel and Friedberg, control and safety technology, tracks, switches, overhead lines, bridges and stations are being replaced on the 130 kilometers of the so-called Main-Weser Railway. “Due to the few external access routes, construction site logistics on this section are particularly demanding,” writes the railway in an overview of the renovation plans.

Further construction work in Hesse

2024: Frankfurt-Mannheim. “Riedbahn”, 74 kilometers. From July 15, 2024, the route between Frankfurt/Main and Mannheim will be completely closed until the timetable change on December 14.

2027: Frankfurt-Heidelberg. “Main-Neckar Railway”, 92 kilometers. Particular attention is paid to the Darmstadt node. It must remain passable during the work.

2028: Bebra-Fulda: 69 kilometers. Part of the European Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor.

In total, the DB wants to renovate 40 sections of the route over a total length of more than 4,000 kilometers in the coming years. The goal is a “high-performance network” covering 9,000 kilometers. The plan is to overhaul the routes in a group so that no major construction work and thus closures are necessary in several years. Long-distance and freight traffic will be rerouted, and replacement buses will be used for regional traffic. The DB reports this. The Kassel-Fulda section on the Hanover-Würzburg route is currently being renewed. (anki)

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