Renovated ceiling of a block of flats in Plovdiv fell


A repaired ceiling of an apartment block in Plovdiv collapsed and blocked access via the stairs to the top floor of the building. No people were injured. The incident happened this morning at 7 o’clock, reports BNT.

Those living on the top floors in the entrance heard a loud sound of heavy objects falling on the staircase. When they went out to check, they saw that large pieces of putty and glue had broken off from the insulation of the roof, and when they fell, they broke the flower pots placed on the stairs.

The block on “General Kolev” street was renovated 4 years ago, explained the people who live in the entrance. And they remembered that then they had a lot of problems with the contractor.

According to them, the ceiling fell not because of poor-quality materials from poor execution of the renovation.

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