Renfe recovers two trains of the Atlantic Axis after its suspension by Covid | Radio Coruña

Renfe resumes from tomorrow the operation of two trains that cover the route between A Coruña and Vigo in the corridor of Atlantic Axis. The recovery of the rest of railway services will be gradual depending on demand, according to the railway company.

On Fridays and Sundays, Renfe will double the seats of 11 trains (seven on Fridays and four on Sundays), so that the railway company will offer nearly 3,000 additional seats on weekends in the A Coruña-Santiago-Vigo corridor.

Among the new ones, the train leaving from Vigo-Urzáiz will do so at 6.15 pm and will arrive at A Coruña station at 7.35 pm. In the opposite direction, the train leaving the A Coruña station will do so at 6:00 p.m. and will arrive in Vigo-Urzáiz at 7,20 p.m.

At this time, Renfe puts into circulation twelve Medium Distance and Regional trains between A Coruña and the Vigo stations and many others in the opposite direction. To these trains are added another ten daily Avant services (five in each direction) between A Coruña, Santiago and Ourense.

The CGT asked

The CGT claims that in coincidence with the Mobility Week all rail services that were cut off due to the pandemic are back in operation.

The union demands the recovery of connections A Coruña-Ferrol, A Coruña-Monforte and the train that unites Galicia and Euskadi. The rural is the most affected by these cuts, according to highlights Juan Francisco Sanchez, spokesman for the CGT.

They claim urgent investment in the metric gauge line Ferrol-Ribadeo for his “sorry state“and the arrangement of stations and stops without personnel.

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