Renewed Microsoft Teams enhances its performance

The revamped Microsoft Teams is finally a reality. Just over a month ago it was confirmed that Microsoft was going to update its popular program. This update involved a change in its design, as well as improvements in its performance, such as a reduction in resources. The new version of the popular tool is now official.

Microsoft Teams is updated in a big way

The Redmond guys were aware that they had to make this tool work better, as it is known for being heavy and resource-intensive.

New version

Microsoft Teams has been completely revamped, since those responsible have developed the app from scratch. The main novelty is that this new version is much faster and more flexible. The speed of the application has been doubled and the resource consumption has been reduced by 50%. This helps it to work better on all types of equipment, especially those with less power.

Besides, it will also take up to 70% less storage space. Another aspect that will help to better use the application on computers. Its interface has also been changed, with the use of React now for said interface. It allows a more comfortable operation of the app, and it will be simpler to use as well.

Microsoft Teams will consume fewer resources

These improvements will help Microsoft Teams is a better fit for users, in addition to allowing a good operation in all types of devices, also in those with less power, RAM or storage. This new version is currently launched in beta phase, waiting for its stable version to arrive throughout the spring, with no confirmed date for now.

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