Renault Mégane arrives as a crossover. The new boss sees him as a business success

In the past, the Mégane range also included models such as the three-door hatch, convertible or MPV. In the future, it should also include a crossover.

Luca de Meo took over the management of Renault in July, the current head of Satt, who immediately began working to revive the brand. It expects massive cuts in the future, but also with investments in commercially interesting models. Except Capturu Renault is not doing very well in the field of popular SUVs and crossovers, which de Meo would like to change in the future.

The French carmaker is therefore counting on expanding the range of such models. The first was announced this week when Renault officially announced it in the first half of 2021, Arkana will start offering the expected SUV coupe in Europe, still available on the Russian market.

So far, another novelty is being talked about unofficially. According to behind-the-scenes sources familiar with the situation, de Meo is counting on a new compact crossover that would expand the Mégane model line. Its appearance is not yet known, but there is talk of a sports-shaped car. “Luca de Meo wants to develop slightly different silhouettes to add value,” says one of the sources.

If a few months ago there was talk that Mégane could have it tilted for the future in the current concept and be completely replaced by a crossover, the new boss has indicated that he continues to count on this compact model. Only its offer will be further expanded. In the future, it should even be one of the key pillars of the brand. De Meo sees this segment as an opportunity for higher margins than today’s successful Clio and Captur models, which allows Renault to earn more.

The arrival of the crossover in the Mégane family is to be part of extensive changes in Renault’s offer. As part of the restructuring, the new CEO wants to focus primarily on segments with high business potential. That’s why the models that don’t do well in the store should end – whether it’s the Talisman middle class model or the MPV Scénic and Espace. They are to be replaced by cars with greater potential, such as the Arkana or the compact crossover.

By the way, Renault Mégane has been part of the French brand’s offer since 1995, when it gradually replaced the 19 model. Over the years, however, the offer has narrowed in response to interest, today’s fourth generation Mégan is as affordable as a five-door hatchback, station wagon and sedan.


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