Renault in Normandy. Towards a one-year moratorium on the Dieppe Alpine plant?

After a presentation Thursday to union organizations, Renault unveiled on Friday May 29 its savings plan of two billion euros and whose first tracks already leaked a dozen days ago. Four factories are said to be in the balance, notably that of Flins in the Yvelines, and, in Normandy, that of Dieppe where the Alpine A110 models are produced. This savings plan is eagerly awaited by the group’s employees, and in particular the 380 or so workers and managers at the Dieppois site, faced with a drop in sales of the sports car. The factory only makes seven vehicles a day.

A moratorium
of a year

What impacts will this plan have in Normandy where the diamond brand is very present with, among other things, its factories Cleon, Sandouville and Dieppe? Hervé Morin, the president of the Normandy Region, discussed the subject on Wednesday with the president of the group, Jean-Dominique Sénart. “I have no reason not to believe what he said to me even if no one today really measures the state of the economic catastrophe in which we are going to be”, he emphasizes.

What did the captain of industry and the former defense minister say to each other? The big subject is of course that of Alpine’s future in Dieppe. According to Hervé Morin, the automaker would give itself a year to analyze the situation in depth and set up a recovery plan for the sports brand. “The Region will be available to participate in the relaunch of the Dieppois site”, explains Hervé Morin, who is now waiting for the group to define a precise strategy for the future of this site, which is often presented as a model of technology and know-how.

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What about other production sites in the region? Sandouville’s positioning in vehicle production is confirmed. The Le Havre site could also benefit, in the coming months, from a partnership with a new manufacturer. Vehicles other than Trafic stamped Renault are already coming out of the Sandouville chains, especially for Nissan.

In Cléon, the good news was announced Tuesday by the President of the Republic. The site of the Rouen suburbs will inherit the development of the production of a new electric motor intended for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. An important announcement of course, but which does not fail to arouse some fears. “When it takes seven employees to make a diesel engine, it takes one for an electric motor”, underlines the president of the Normandy Region.

The recovery plan eagerly awaited today

Renault in Normandy. Towards a one-year moratorium on the Dieppe Alpine plant?

At the Cléon factory, the unions are on alert. (archive photo Boris Maslard / PN)

Renault in Normandy. Towards a one-year moratorium on the Dieppe Alpine plant?

At the Cléon factory, the unions are on alert. (archive photo Boris Maslard / PN)

It is an understatement to say that Renault’s management announcements are eagerly awaited by unions in the region, after weeks filled with emotion.

After the incredible restart of the
Sandouville, rumors of Alpine’s closure at
Dieppe, but also the announcement of the production of a new electric motor at
Cleon, organizations are waiting to be finally fixed this Friday.

We will have to stop playing with our nerves. We await precise information with the social consequences for all of us, Renault employees , commented recently
Fabien Gloaguen, Force delegate

worker on the factory


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As such, the stimulus plan set by the brand diamond will have much weight, in the eyes of union representatives, than the announcements made by the President of the Republic last Tuesday. However, the first elements of this plan that have leaked so far are rather likely to alarm them.

CGT and CFDT organize
in Cléon

According to daily claims
Le Figaro published Tuesday evening, Renault would indeed plan to cut 5,000 jobs in France by 2024, mainly by retiring employees who have not been replaced.

Proof of the mistrust that reigns today in the union ranks: in Cléon, according to our information, the CGT and the CFDT – two unions that have not been used to fraternizing lately – evoke ”
an emerging intersyndicale and should organize together this Friday, around the factory, a distribution of leaflets relaying their fears for the job.

Indeed, the announcement of the arrival of a new electric motor in the factory of the Rouen agglomeration, although it guarantees the industrial future of the site, does not pose less questions for that of the employees , including in the mouth of the regional president
Hervé Morin (read above), hardly suspected of collusion with the CGT.

Between the president’s announcements and the reality on the ground, there is a gap “Said
Pascal De Maayer, for CFDT de Cléon, Tuesday evening, after Emmanuel Macron’s speech on the plan to support the automotive industry. This reality will now emerge.


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