Renault Austral, a modern and refined, state-of-the-art vehicle

“Elegant and technological”. In such terms, Gilles Vidal, Renault Design Director, talks about the latest SUV in the C segment of the brand, the new Renault Austral. Embracing the distinctive elements of the current range, the design teams sought to create a truly modern and refined, state-of-the-art vehicle.


The designers relied on the basic features that draw so many people to SUV models – the proportions, the look, the size of the wheels, emphasizing the shape of the shoulders for a more athletic look. The resulting vehicle is an SUV full of character and yet one that remains welcoming.

Sharp, athletic and modern, the new Renault Austral has remarkable proportions that offer a feeling of robustness and agility.

The design of Renault vehicles, which was long ago inspired by the sensuality of the moving world, is now entering a new era. As such, the lines at the top of the wheel arches create the feeling of a renewed structure; animates the profile giving it strength and precision. Austral’s strong and dynamic lines reflect Renault’s new language.

“Renault Austral combines strong stylistic elements that give it a dynamic and elegant design. The quality is easy to notice even at first glance. We have reduced the gaps in the body, we have adjusted the proportions so that it develops an immediate quality feeling ”. Gilles Vidal, Renault Design Director.

The distinctive styling features of the new Renault Austral include a clear, structured fold that runs along the lower section of the body. Leaning towards the front of the vehicle, it gives the figure a dynamic advantage. This new shape differs from the traditional horizontal lines that once ran parallel to the earth in a static manner. Seen from the profile, Austral looks as if he is moving even when stationary.


The technological features of the new Austral impress especially with the front and rear optical blocks. Two large C-shaped taillights combine with the car’s logo in a spectacular way. The front design is similar to the rear, neither the headlights nor the grille go unnoticed. First seen on Renault Mégane E-TECH Electric, the Microoptic technology is made of Plexiglas and features lines and patterns that are engraved directly on the surface and inside the Plexiglas. When the edge of the plexiglass is illuminated with LEDs, all engraved areas light up in a precise, vivid and easily recognizable visual effect.

Technological mastery and a desire for excellence were the leitmotif of the design of the new Renault Austral.


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