Renato Ibarra asks for another opportunity with Las Águilas del América

Even though America’s still forward Renato Ibarra He was acquitted of the accusations that surrounded him a couple of months ago, our team continues with the position of finding accommodation for him as a place, since ethical standards are always above whoever is within the institution.

However, until today the Ecuadorian broke the silence regarding his circumstance, where in addition to clarifying that he will work on his mistakes, he took the opportunity to ask for a last chance with the team of his loves:

Here is an excerpt from the conversation: John Sutcliffe with Renato Ibarra.

What does it mean that America is giving you this new opportunity to stay on the team?

“It means a lot, because the truth is important for me to continue in America, I am 29 years old and I have already signed the renewal with America, it may be my best years yet to come”.

Although it was assumed here that he will continue in the team, this is still not certain, Renato’s renewal was before all the problem, so the last word is with the team boss.

At the moment we can only wait, the directive does not take long to speak about it, so surely in a matter of days this unknown question will end.

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