Remuneration and staff motivation in the C’Chartres business Boost Contact menu

“Talking about the employer brand and the impact that remuneration can have on this brand highlights the practice of some companies that play on their communication policy to promote their employers,” said Sandrine Dorbes, founder of the company. How Much consultant and remuneration expert, yesterday evening, at the opening of the last Boost Contact of the year, in front of almost 300 guests of the C’Chartres Business association.

“What professional behaviors,
do we want to arouse? »

“We chose this topic because business leaders face many HR challenges. It is necessary to recruit in scarce markets, to attract and federate around the culture and values ​​of the company, to encourage commitment around the common project among people looking for meaning… and all this by offering attractive salaries. What if structuring your compensation practices were a powerful lever to meet all these needs? added Didier Garnier, president of C’Chartres Business.

The C’Chartres Business Summer Boost Contact takes place this Thursday at the Domaine de Vaujoly, in Courville-sur-Eure

The evening was presented in several acts, interspersed with sketches by two actors from the Théâtre à la carte company. Sandrine Dorbes recalled that “remuneration has a different social and cultural weight according to the individual. And if we want to talk about the same thing, we need to be able to hear each other and understand each other’s language. So, to communicate for your employer brand, it must be built by asking the essential question: what professional behaviors do you want to encourage? And how do we pay them? »

The speaker reminded the participants that the term “remuneration” is preferable to that of “retribution”: “Because remuneration is both recognition, the moral part, and remuneration, the financial part. In the sketches of the actors it is the aspect of recognition that is proposed. They show unbalanced managerial relationships between the decision maker and his unrecognized collaborator. In real life, the employee who has this feeling of lack of recognition will ask his superiors for a pay raise or complain to his entourage that he is not paid enough for what he does. Ultimately, it is the problem of recognition that arises. The malaise from which the person suffers translates into a desire for monetary remuneration. The specialist raised the sociological problem of the French “who don’t want to talk about money but, when things go wrong, they put a price on everything. Instead of asking the question of why things don’t go well between a coach and a member of his team, we prefer to ask the question of merit in economic terms.”

The importance of inflation

Concrete reality highlights the existence of these two moments: individuals who really need money in view of the work they provide. And situations of people who earn a good living, but whose psychological discomfort translates into economic need. Even there it is indisputable: “The theme of inflation we are experiencing today creates confusion, because what we are afraid of is the loss of purchasing power. I think this is where companies need to play. »
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