Reminder: Come donate your blood on Tuesday April 6 and Wednesday April 7! Inventories are down!

The new office of the Amicale du Don du Sang de Vic-Fezensac – whose president is Serge Bachellerie – will take up its functions during the next blood drive to take place

Tuesday April 6 and Wednesday April 7 from 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

multipurpose room.

Donors must be in possession of an identity document.

The donation is made in strict compliance with health rules.

Reminder of the conditions necessary to be a donor:

– Being older than 18

– weigh at least 50 kilos

– to be in a good health

Your gesture is all the more precious as the French Blood Establishment (EFS) is sounding the alarm.

With the new government measures, the EFS will have to cancel certain collections in student and high school environments that were scheduled for the next two weeks.

Many town halls requisition the rooms because they are transformed into a vaccinodrome, which sometimes forces the EFS to move away with the risk of losing donors.

The “rule” is that there are always 12 days of stocks … and Thursday night, there were only 11.6 …

We can think that with the Easter weekend, stocks will drop very seriously, which worries the EFS!

So come in large numbers on Tuesday and Wednesday to make this generous gesture even more essential in this period of health crisis.



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