Remembering Ashraf Moselhi: A Tribute to an Egyptian Star

Remembering Ashraf Moselhi: A Tribute to an Egyptian Star

Adel Abdullah Tuesday, September 19, 2023 08:26 PM

The stars Hani Ramzy and Hend Sabry, the directors Ahmed Nour and Khaled Galal, the producer Gabi Khoury and the director Shadi Ali, and Amir Karara, Mohamed Gomaa, Dina Fouad, Tamer Farag and Fathi had arrived a short while ago. Ismail, Madeleine Tabar, Mustafa Ahmed, engineer Ibrahim Saber, Deputy Governor of Cairo, and a number of relatives and friends of director Manal Al-Saifi, wife of the late Ashraf Moselhi.

Director Manal Al-Saifi and the family of the late artist Ashraf Moselhi began receiving condolences at the Mosque of Field Marshal Tantawi in New Cairo.

The artist Ashraf Moselhi died, after a struggle with illness. He is considered one of the important stars in Egyptian cinema and drama. He was able to make his name within a short period of time through many television and cinematic works. He was famous for the role of the officer in many of his works, such as the films “Tito” and “My Aunt.” France, the Kalabsh series, and others.

Ashraf Moselhi’s acting talent appeared since his childhood, but the launch of his artistic career was delayed until the age of 26. He initially worked in cinemas affiliated with the Misr International Film Company until he obtained his first cinematic work. Ashraf Moselhi was soon able to prove his talent and strong presence in Egyptian cinema and television, to the point that his works amounted to more than 70 works between cinema, television and theatre.

Ashraf Moselhi started in cinema in 2000, where he participated in the movie “Bono Bono” starring the star Nadia El-Gendy. He continued his participation in cinema in many of his works, including “Closed Doors”, “Rendezvous”, “Passport by Republican Decision”, “Girls’ Secrets”, “The Magic of the Eyes”, “The First Time You Love”. Oh Heart, My Aunt France, Tito, Life is Extremely Pleasant, What Crimes, The Children Ran Away, Al Jazeera, 18th Street, The Assassin, and his last film was “Sudden Escape,” starring him in 2017.

The success of the artist Ashraf Moselhi was not limited to cinema only, but he also succeeded in television series, where he presented, Fresca, a public opinion issue, in safe hands, The Merchant of Happiness, Al-Batiniya, Valley of the Kings, Samara, Nouna Al-Mazouna, With Red Wax, Ibn Mut, Point. Weakness, Al-Sayyad, Lamaa Al-Qat, Hidden Worlds, Taqa Nour, Kalabsh 3, Ould Al-Ghalaba, and his last work in the drama was the series “Jamal Al-Harem”.

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