Remembering Anne Grethe Preus: A Tribute to the Late Singer and Songwriter

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Singer and songwriter Anne Grethe Preus(62) made a name for herself with her wonderful voice and unique musical style. She was known for her ability to convey strong emotions through song and for her impressive stage presence.

She wrote and performed her own songs that captured the attention of listeners across the country. The lyrics were often personal and reflected her deep feelings and experiences.
Anne Grethe Preus has won the Spellemann prize four times. Three of them for the hit album “Millimeter” in 1994. That year she received the awards for female artist of the year, album of the year and hit of the year.

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The popular artist died after a long illness. She was diagnosed with a kidney tumor in 2007.
“One must not let the things that are unimportant in life play any role. It is wonderful to exist. The time you have in life must be taken care of,” said Anne Grethe, according to the report NRK.

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In the summer of 2019, she canceled all upcoming concerts, she passed away on the night of 25 August 2019.
During Anne Grethe’s funeral, the priest Jan Oskar Utnem revealed what she had shared with him during her period of illness, according to The daily newspaper.
The priest had many deep conversations with her and in one of their last conversations before she passed away he had asked her if she had plans to return to the stage,
to which she replied:
“I’m not going back. I will move on,” said Anne Grethe.
Let us pay tribute to Anne Grethe Preus and continue to enjoy her music, which will continue to inspire and touch us for a long time to come. Her voice lives on and her passion will always be a light in the hearts of all who had the pleasure of listening to her!

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