Remembering Abdel Moneim Ibrahim: A Tribute to the Late Egyptian Star

Remembering Abdel Moneim Ibrahim: A Tribute to the Late Egyptian Star

Sarah Salah Friday, November 17, 2023 06:00 AM Today, Friday, is the anniversary of the star’s passing. Abdel Moneim IbrahimHe passed away from our world on November 17, and his works, including his famous poems and laugh, still survive to this day.

Abdel Moneim Ibrahim was in an old television interview. He talked about changing his name in his artistic debut, saying: “My name is Abdel Moneim Ibrahim Hassan, and the public does not know that at the end of my name is Al-Daghbashi, and my father used to tell me to drop the name at the beginning of my artistic life and remain Abdel Moneim Al-Daghbashi, but I said that the name would remain removed.” To the public, I left the name Abdel Moneim Ibrahim.”

He played many comedic roles, the most famous of which are the movie “Sugar Hanem,” the movie “Rumor of Love,” and the movie “The Secret of the Concealing Cap.” He starred in many television series, including: “Zeinab and the Throne – Adam’s Children.” The artist, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, received a medal. Sciences and Arts from the first class, and he also received the Golden National Theater Shield.

Abdel Moneim Ibrahim is considered one of the most prominent artists who were proficient in acting in the classical Arabic language, especially in the works he presented in the National Theater, including “The Barber of Baghdad” and “Ma’rouf Al-Iskafy,” in addition to two comedic roles in the classical language that he performed in the films “Ismail Yassin in the Navy” and “The Ambassador.” Aziza”.

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