“Remember what we had in June”: Paris recognizes increase in cases but says it is not gigantic | National

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, acknowledged on Friday an increase in cases of coronavirus, but assured that the increase is not “gigantic.”

During the traditional balance sheet of La Moneda, the Secretary of State said he was attentive to what is happening in Atacama, Bío Bío and Coquimbo, where – he explained – “positive variations (upwards)” were noted in the cases.

“We are not unaware of the reality of the regions and we are very concerned,” said the head of the portfolio, although he stated that “other regions have very good variations.”

“We recognize the increase, we are always concerned,” he added.

The minister asserted that the increase goes hand in hand with the rise in PCR tests and dismissed a “gigantic increase” in infections.

“Please remember what we had on June 21, when we had more than 3,800 cases a day,” he snapped.

The numbers

During the balance, 1,920 new infections were reported (-12% in the last 7 days) and another 52 deaths nationwide.

Thus, since the start of the pandemic 10,723 people have lost their lives (with positive PCR) and 393,769 contracted the virus.

With 28,669 exams performed, the positivity rate remained at 6.70%.

As has been the trend, the Metropolitan region leads this day in infections registered throughout Chile, with 544 cases.

It is followed by Bío Bío (246), Valparaíso (190) and Antofagasta (135).

Check the interactive map of the national situation:


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