Remedy is working on four new games and ports for Control

Remedy is busy making new games. In total, four teams are working on five games.

Remedy Entertainment is working on five different games. That is what CEO Tero Virtala says in one interview met Games Industry.

In total, four teams are working on new games. The team behind Control is developing ports for ‘new’ services, with Virtala strongly hinting at cloud gaming, and Remedy’s ‘next big title’.

A second team is working on a cooperative free-to-play multiplayer game with the working title Vanguard and another team is working on two titles to be published by Epic Games. The CEO describes the first Epic project as an AAA experience and the second as a smaller game in the same universe.

“The project we’re doing with Epic is a world that we want players to spend more time in,” explains Virtala. “There are more ways to explore the world than in one game.”

A final team is working with Smilegate on the previously announced campaign for CrossfireX and the Chinese variant, Crossfire HD. The company intends to outsource work more often for such projects.

The CrossfireX campaign is set to release on Xbox Series X and S and PC in 2021. Release dates for the other projects are not yet known.



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