Remdesivir Doesn’t Work for COVID-19 Patients, This Is Proof!


JAKARTARemdesivir, antiviral drugs, did not reduce deaths in between COVID-19 patients, compared to standard care, according to the results of a large international trial. (Also read: Remdesivir Drug Has Been Given To COVID-19 Patients at Friendship Hospital)

Science news site, Live Science, previously reported, National Agency of Drug and Food Control The US last May allowed Remdesivir to be used in an emergency to treat COVID-19 patients.

In August, the drug was approved for use in all patients hospitalized with COVID-19. It’s not just those who use supplemental oxygen, The New York Times reports. Thousands of US patients have received the treatment, including President Donald Trump.

But now, a large-scale trial sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows Remdesivir does not reduce the risk of patients dying from COVID-19 after treatment. The study was posted Oct.15 to the preprinted database medRxiv – it includes more than 11,200 people from 30 countries, The Times reported.

About 4,100 of these patients were in the comparison group and did not receive drug treatment. The rest received one of four drugs, or a combination of several drugs. These drugs include Remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, an antiviral agent called lopinavir and an immune stimulating molecule called Interferon-1a. About 650 patients received interferon and lopinavir concurrently.

In the end, revealed Live Science, the results showed no single drug or drug combination significantly reduced mortality among patients, compared to the no-drug group. In addition, the drug does not reduce the likelihood that the treated patient will be placed on a ventilator, nor does it reduce the patient’s time in the hospital.

“The overall findings that are not promising from the regimens tested are enough to refute early hopes that the drug will reduce mortality among COVID-19 patients,” said the study authors.

The Associated Press mentioned, previous trials had shown hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir did not reduce mortality. But the data on Remdesivir offer new insight into whether the drug actually works.


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