Rembert Vromant: Diego Lainez went to America for lack of minutes, not for bullying “

Diego Lainez was one of the talents who, like Chucky Lozano, from Héctor Herrera or Erick Gutiérrez, passed through the ranks of Pachuca, however, the current Real Betis player from Spain, He decided to leave the Basic Forces of the Tuzos at an early age and emigrate to America.

The Director of Performance Analysis and Visoria explained to AS México why this situation occurred and what the current relationship with the footballer is like. “Diego’s departure had nothing to do with bullying. We are a club that maintains very high integral values, and his departure had to do with the number of minutes of play.

Most of the players who leave, it is because they lack the minutes that they believe they should deserve. His brother, Mauro, was with us until he debuted, there is a very good relationship between Pachuca and the family, both with Diego and with Mauro”.

We have many cases of players who have passed through Pachuca, and who perhaps failed to stand out in Basic Forces, and then they have done so in their careers. César Montes, Edson Álvarez, Diego Lainez, they were all with us at some point and today the three are nationally selected, and they give us a lot of pride ”, he said.

Photo by Edson Álvarez

Vromant explained that the club must make decisions, and many times there are footballers they bet on, and then they had to go to another team to seek to play: “Luis Chávez is a ’96 category player, who was in Pachuca until the U-15 categoryHe left due to lack of minutes, because he had players like Mauro Lainez, ahead, and he went to Tijuana, he makes his debut there, and today he is in Pachuca, we bought him again ”.

“I do not see bad that a club does that, that buys a player that once formed. The economic term is “low cost”, you do not have to take into account the expenses you made in the past, to make future decisions. Soccer at the bottom of the account is a business in which we all have to help sports and economic profitability. It seems to me a very healthy business principle to follow, and it is going to happen to us that a player that we cancel in basic will be of interest to us in the future ”, he said.

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Future in Pachuca

Regarding which current players in Pachuca that you see potential for Europe, he commented: “I don’t have a crystal ball, because there are many factors that must come together for this, but I am convinced that young people who are in the first team have a lot of projection, like Kevin Álvarez, who is an international promise; Roberto De La Rosa, who has an impressive scoring talent.

Photo by Roberto Carlos de la Rosa

Bryan González, a 2003 southpaw capable of playing outside; José Eulogio Téllez, goalkeeper 2004, a future monster; Eugenio Pizzuto, who has already made the jump to France. We are calm for the future, both in Pachuca and in Mexican soccer we will continue to contribute ”.

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