Remain Alert to Corona in the Midst of Relaxing Health Protocols


JAKARTA – The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned the public about easing measures health protocol after a slight drop in recent Covid-19 cases in the Southeast Asia region. WHO emphasized that the pandemic is still continuing and vigilance needs to be strengthened further to reduce transmission of the virus.

“Nobody should be complacent about the decreasing number of cases in the last few weeks. Furthermore, we need to continue to do our best to reduce this pandemic, ”said WHO Regional Director for Southeast Asia, Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, as reported by the Times Now News page. (Read: This is the Reward and Priority of Keeping the Eye of the Eye)

He said, currently winter is near. If people’s vigilance decreases, it will further endanger health.

“Member countries have made joint efforts to increase the capacity to handle Covid-19. These include timely symptom detection, contact tracing, isolating someone who is infected and providing care to those who need it, “said Dr Poonam.

According to him, as individuals, we must continue to be responsible for our own health by keeping our distance, paying attention to hand hygiene, applying cough etiquette, and wearing masks anytime and anywhere. “People must also remember to stay away from crowded places, avoid closed spaces with poor ventilation,” said Dr. Poonam. (See the video: Suspected of Depression, Police Officer Killed Shoot in Own Chest)

He explained that entering winter, several health problems such as influenza and Covid-19 could pose challenges to health systems and facilities. That’s because the two diseases show many similar symptoms.

“Many similar measures that are effective in preventing Covid-19 are also effective in preventing influenza, such as maintaining physical distance, maintaining hand hygiene, covering when coughing, adjusting ventilation, and wearing masks,” he said. (Faith Firmansyah)




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