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The meeting is weekly, the pleasure exponential. After the dantesque episode of last week concluded by the resounding elimination of Delphine to the ambassadors, make way for reunification, the real one. And this question: will Ahmad jump at the first advice? Light your torch.

10:33 p.m .: GOOD THE BROTHERS / SOEURETTES. It wasn’t Byzantium, but at least we saw Sam piercing his shells with his little beak. Beware of the little one, it can hurt old monkeys. Bye les rheys, next week we will continue with Friday Anything is allowed.

The notes are coming, let loose.

10:32 p.m .: And a big thumbs up to @Jcvd which offers itself a year of So Foot subscription!

Hey old bugger, you will have no better than Pascal Marinot-Lagarde:

10:31 p.m .: Big week for the next time: there is an octopus tasting and the archery test, which seems to be done this time without relatives, there are still too many.

Either way it’s Sam who’s going to win, he was training to shoot cats on his street.

10:30 p.m .:I would rather die standing than live sitting, as some people are doing here today.

Stop with the proverbs, we have already reached a peak of efficiency.


PHOLIEN OUT! That’s good, he can come in while sailing.

10:28 p.m .: It’s a fight of the infirm there. Toulouse and Dijon fighting for the descent.

10:27 p.m .: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH !!!!

ABSOLUTE EQUALITY BETWEEN ÉRIC AND PHOLIEN !! 5-5, we went for a second vote! Take this, the Olympico.

10:26 p.m .: AND ÉRIC FOR A 4-4-4! It is a Guardiolesque composition.

10:25 p.m .: Ouuuuuh Pholien who picks up at 3-3!


And it is Ahmad who takes the full entrance, followed by Pholien.

10:23 p.m .: Come on, FINITO for discussions. There are thirteen to vote, and in the middle of the table, there is a peephole.

10:22 p.m .:You said it yourself PHOLIENG.

10:20 p.m .: @Jcvd which puts a play on the elimination of Claude. Either it comes from the future or it has NOTHING FOLLOWED.

10:17 p.m .: @ LEGEND20

We talk a little about this crappy episode? Because this typing 30mins of replay, 10mins ad, a test, 10mins ad then advice and Ciao good evening it’s a little too much TF1! I forgot why I was watching in replay …

They had given everything last week. We are clearly on the worst copy of the season, I withdraw the analogy with the Liverpool Miracle. There, it’s just an Angers-Bordeaux with Alexandra as a star personality, the equivalent of a goal from Angelo Fulgini’s knee.

10:13 p.m .: “Denis and his Go”

10:12 p.m .: “Denis and his Go”

10:11 p.m .: Fuck we are already going to the Council! Come on, just after the ad we cut a head.

Ahmad is not well, just like Pholien and Éric. And all the reds, in fact.

10:10 p.m .: @SarahPlanus

Ahmad it’s hot to have a buoy like that and not know how to swim


10:07 p.m .: If Ahmad finds a necklace, it’s the worst cheating scandal since the World Cup was awarded to Qatar.

10:06 p.m .: Ahmad who bases his tactics on the theorem of: “Sportingly I am less afraid.Listen to me: this is the WORST TACTICAL SINCE ZEMAN’S COMPOS.

10:05 p.m .: “Denis is cold”

10:04 p.m .: By cons there are more suspenders on the jersey of Jessica than stripes on the jersey of Celtic, beware of the strobe effect.

10:02 p.m .: Oh the little Sam who is crying with his shrimp body, it’s so cute. Well done, Rayan Cherki.



9:59 p.m .: Fuck, 2:10 for Alexandra, who only finishes 5e. And Teh in stride! Pholien, meanwhile, howls and cracks.


9:57 p.m .: No but wait what is this bazaar? Denis who asks the adventurers to freeze their position after 1 hour 45 minutes, are we changing the rules now? Is the guy fed up?

Let them suffer in peace, it is a test of endurance at last.

9:56 p.m .: Come on, let’s get into serious business. Five people remain: Tehé, Claude, Sam, Pholien and Alexandra, who clings to his bar like Guy Roux for life.

9:55 p.m .: Moussa is CR7 sports coach or what? What is this cyborg body, seriously?

9:53 p.m .: We will finally see if Sam is ready for C1.

9:52 p.m .: AND YES IT’S AHMAD WHO LASTS FIRST! He will therefore have a voice against him even before the Council begins.

At the same time he was in the physical condition of Luis Saha, what was he hoping for?

9:51 p.m .: Aaaaaaaah. So this is the test of the “lazy”, otherwise called the “hung pigs” for purists. I put a play on Claude and Sam face-to-face.

Come on, balance the predictions.

9.50 p.m .:My head will be caught very quickly if I start winning events.

It looks like Jović when he got to Real, the guy thinks he’s a daron when he has Karim Claude in his hallway.

9:48 p.m .: Pholien he thinks he will save his street cred ‘by picking up cassava with Moussa. But you dreamed old man, you burn like Cédric Barbosa.

9.46 p.m .: @ chevan37

No charade this week? It’s like at TF1 we ​​cut the budget to last in time to the posts

Hahaha. I spent the day in an endless Trivial Pursuit that cut back on my work hours. Guilty, like Eric.

9.44 p.m .: The two little twins of the Cristalline pub, there, they come out ofShining?

9.41 p.m .: Take it as the cool break in the quarter hour of World Cup matches. Go grab a Powerade, you will see it goes better immediately.

9:40 p.m .: It’s already the zozios ad!

So, this is “Denis charo”

9:38 p.m .: The more time advances, the more Tehura looks like the Great Tortoise with his blue cap.


What a LOL. How ironic. “I’m leaving withShe says. It will make you a memory, come on.

9:36 p.m .: And during this time, the voice of reason has curly hair and eats raw eggs for breakfast.

Naoil, thank you.

9:35 p.m .: I have not seen such a catastrophic communication since Serge Aurier.

9:31 p.m .:I think the best answer when it screams is silence.NOTHING IN THE SLIBARD.

Yesterday there was Alien on TV, I can tell you that fortunately that Sigourney Weaver it has not the reflection of Pholien.

9:30 p.m .: Pholien and Éric: GUILTY. POINT.

Pholien, you may have done swimming, you have nothing in your jersey.

9:28 p.m .: I have the impression of seeing Jérémy Sorbon cry for the transfer of Nolan Roux, stop a little.

9:26 p.m .: @Max_Payne

It does not smell good this episode … They give us a session from last week in full. Or how to scrape 10min. It’s like when you write spaced on a dissertate ‘.

Crazy. Police 18 for TF1.

9:25 p.m .: Charlotte: “Yeah yeah yeah


9:20 p.m .: Haha we will never get tired of: “You don’t make a donkey a racehorse.

By cons guys, it’s been twenty minutes that they put us images that we have already seen … Live my life of Philippe Doucet.

9:18 p.m .: In truth: word of man or no word of man, if all the reds decide to blow Ahmad up, it’s not the three ambassadors who will be able to protect anyone, huh.

Naoil Mourinho if she wants to blow up her Juan Mata she will not be shy.

9:16 p.m .: Be careful because it will go quickly.

9:15 p.m .: The generic of Koh-Lanta it fucks my hair like the anthem of the C1. Right now, I’m a hyena.

9:14 p.m .: HELL, IT’S GOING !! CUCKOO DENIS !!

@Max_Payne, @M Mike 7, enjoy.

9:12 p.m .: Hello @DelioOnnis !

Hi everyone ! @ Théo: nice to follow Koh lantah with lives, but you would not make us relive, thanks to footballia, a world cup or a euro over two weeks?

Look, I’m like Claude, there: I can’t say too much, my contract requires silence. But we have some little things in store for you, we’re not going to leave the world in a soccer mess for too long.

9:10 p.m .: In fact, I have the impression of making myself a replay of Liverpool-Milan 2005. You saw a completely crazy first period, and you know very well that the one who arrives will be just as much. Except that the break in the locker room lasted a week.

9:06 p.m .: It’s obviously yes for Tatiana Silva.

9:02 p.m .: As we begin to go around the folder photos and charades, it will be a Denis Brogniart compilation this evening. As with Martine’s albums.

That, for example, is “Denis with an afternoon pass with Usain”.

9:00 p.m .: As a reminder, we will be entitled to a new shortened episode, and to the first immunity test of the season, leeee …

HANGING PIG! I’m like crazy. A remake of the legendary 2012 face-to-face meeting between Téhéiura and Claude. Denis had to make them finish the test with one arm after three hours, even he was tired of it.

8:55 p.m .: By taking a quick look at the Instagram of Koh-Lanta earlier, Denis announced there through a small video that the evening episode was going to come back “in the annals” It smells of Hulk cameo.

8:53 p.m .: Think of it as cocktail sausages to have an aperitif:

Alban if you read us, I love your hair.

8.50pm: Say, you know what a super busy flower is called?



By Théo Denmat


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