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Libreville, June 03, 2023 (AGP) – In a statement to the national and international press made by the Vice-President of the Higher Council for Islamic Affairs of Gabon (CSAIG), also President of the Committee of Gabonese Imams, Imam Rachid Mbadinga denounced the attacks directed against the president of this institution, Ismaël Oceni Ossa, by Muslim and non-Muslim brothers.

Islam being a religion of peace, love and fraternity, it is with this in mind that the national imams sent a message of support and solidarity to Imam Ismaël Oceni Ossa, president of the Csaig, who is a victim “unjust and xenophobic attacks against his person, family and religion, based on unfounded allegations” for some time.

Taking issue with his allegations, the Gabonese Imams Committee also denounces all accusations of interference in political affairs or influencing decisions relating to government appointments, including those concerning his sons.

“In these pre-election times, conducive to all outrages, all amalgamations, all lies, all slander, we are very saddened to note that Islam in Gabon takes for its rank, sometimes by a insignificant minority of embittered Muslims whose religious practice is often subject to caution, but above all, and this is the most serious, by non-Muslim compatriots learning from other religious denominations, the political class or other activists,” said Imam Rachid Mbadinga, insisting that they are actually attacking an entire religion by seriously damaging its interests in a secular state.

The president of the committee of Gabonese imams presented the actions and achievements carried out by the president of the Csaig. He cited, among other things, education with the construction of primary and high schools, the promotion of national Muslims to the positions of imams.

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“Imam Ismaël Oceni Ossa, since taking office, has never ceased to work for the construction of essential collective facilities such as cemeteries, morgues and multipurpose rooms. For the sake of communication and information, worked to set up a television and radio channel, as well as a written newspaper, dedicated to the dissemination of educational, cultural and religious content relevant to our community . Finally, it has contributed to the strengthening of interreligious dialogue with the other religious denominations present in our country,” he added. While specifying that all these actions and achievements are the fruit of a collegial direction of the institution and all the persons in charge, in particular, the special adviser of the raïs of the community, Ali Akbar Onanga Y’Obegue.

Imam Rachid Mbadinga noted that the president of Csaig has always shown a deep attachment to Gabon. “He was fortunate to become a citizen of this country through a process of naturalization, a process he undertook with respect and gratitude for the values ​​and laws that characterize him,” he said. indicated, before specifying that he was elected by a Congress, after a democratic and transparent election. Confirmed later by the raïs of the Muslim community, Hadj Ali Bongo Ondimba, in accordance with the Charter.

The Gabonese imams committee invites the Muslim brothers to meditate on the teachings of Islam and to reconsider their position. “Together, we must work for unity and harmony within our community, putting aside superficial differences such as nationality, and focusing on what unites us,” he said.-He wishes.


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