Relief at the Chartres bookstore after Macron’s announcements

He is relieved, even euphoric. Olivier Lhostis, manager of the Chartres bookstore, l’Esperluète, welcomed the announcement of the reopening of “non-essential” stores with great joy.

Chartres bookstore “overwhelmed with customers” before closing

” Can not wait for Saturday ! He says, like a cry from the heart. The new health measures do not seem, for the moment, to panic. “It’s pretty clear. We have the right to bring in one person for 8 m². The area of ​​the store is 530 m². We therefore have the authorization to accommodate sixty-six customers at the same time. A very high figure that we never reach ”.

“We limit the damage”

The biggest puzzle that had to be solved was that of gift packages. A crucial service one month away from Christmas. Olivier Lhostis thinks he has found the solution.

The rant of Olivier Lhostis, bookseller of Chartres, against Amazon: “It is a dishonest competitor”

“During peak periods, customers usually stand in line for ten minutes or so while waiting for their book to be packed. It will no longer be possible. People will have to entrust us with their gift, then we will give them an appointment to pick it up during the day ”.

“Internet sales have multiplied by 20”

This second confinement, even if it caused significant financial losses, does not call into question the existence of the bookstore, according to Olivier Lhostis.

“Internet sales have multiplied by 20, and libraries and schools have continued to order books from us. We should reach 70% of turnover. We limit the damage ”.

Remi Bonnet


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