“Releasing a movie this year in theaters was a challenge”

There are special days that are stored somewhere in the hippocampus and later come to light thanks to a sound, a smell or an image. The day we met Guiomar Gate (Bilbao, 1992) is undoubtedly one of them. Not only because the actress coincidentally celebrated her 28th birthday, but because it was also the date on which the Cerralbo Museum opened its doors to us to enjoy one of the most beautiful nineteenth-century palaces in all of Madrid.

“How wonderful. I hope I live here,” said the actress as she ascended the building’s Staircase of Honor. Although her birthday party had to be delayed until the end of our session, that was not the only reason that Puerta provided the toast that night. The premiere of The summer that we live, he film by Carlos Sedes, who stars alongside Blanca Suárez and Javier Rey, is being a box office success. “Releasing a movie this year in theaters was a challenge, but it has been very well received,” says the actress with a smile from ear to ear.

Guiomar Puerta poses in a dress by Alejandra Oria in the Staircase of Honor of the Cerralbo Museum

Czech gem

With the impressive landscape of crops in Jerez de la Frontera and the beautiful locations of Valencia or Galicia in the background, the team made headlines in a shoot that for Guiomar Puerta was almost “a summer camp”. “It was amazing. The whole team was staying in the same hotel, so we connected a lot with each other and had fun in our free time. It was like a little boy. tour Summertime for Spain “, she relates. Her character, a journalist who discovers a love story from the 50s called Isabel, is the link between the viewer and the plot.” Apparently she is a tough and lonely girl, but she gets hooked on this story and we go discovering with her everything that happened between the characters of Blanca and Javier “, explains Puerta.

guiomar door interview cinema fashion bazaar trend

Guiomar Puerta with Alejandra Oria dress

Gema Checa HEARST

The Bilbao actress has grown up behind the scenes, with a family linked to the culture that made her travel through Spain in her childhood. “Since I was little I had concerns about the world of interpretation. The main reference in my life and my career is my mother. I have always accompanied her on her theater tours and I have watched the performances from the stalls. I knew them by heart”, reminisce.

guiomar door interview bazaar cinema fashion trend

The actress wearing Alejandra Oria’s dress goes down the Staircase of Honor of the Cerralbo Museum

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Although he studied Audiovisual Communication in Madrid, he soon discovered that he had to combine his university studies with interpretive ones. An effort that together with his innate talent took him to the Basque Country, where he made his debut in the sector with a role in Goenkale, the long-lived series of the regional channel in which he participated during the last two seasons.

Years later, after playing Maribel Campoy in the series 45 revolutions together with Carlos Cuevas, he began to attract the attention of the public. A role that supposed a great previous preparation to capture the youthful spirit of the 60s and acquire the skill in front of the piano of his character.

guiomar door interview bazaar cinema fashion trend

Guiomar Puerta wearing a Bleis Madrid suit and Mango handkerchief and moccasins in the Ballroom

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Puerta takes advantage of the free minutes between shots to make some selfie surrounded by the marble baseboards, the Murano glass chandeliers and the ancient clocks of the Ballroom. Although her ideal future little resembles the ranch in which we find ourselves. “I dream of having a little house in the countryside one day, but not far from Madrid. My perfect place to escape is connected with nature, that’s why the countryside or the sea always call me “, he explains.

Guiomar tells us that since he came to Madrid at the age of 17, he had a crush on the city: “Madrid is the most special city in the world. On a cultural level it is amazing, people are always creating things in all aspects, and they get together lots of beautiful energy. Things always happen, even though this year has been different and a bit sad. ”

guiomar door interview bazaar cinema fashion trend

The actress in a Bleis Madrid suit and a Mango scarf.

Czech gem

Wrapped in a black velvet Fendi dress, the actress seems to fit perfectly in a setting as old as the 19th century building where we are. “Are you nostalgic?” “The truth is that everything that has to do with the past fascinates me, I would have loved to live in the past,” he confesses.

Something that is also reflected in her taste for fashion, since the actress goes to the aesthetics of the 60s, 70s or 90s to create her looks. “I think that fashion is important to mark your personality, but I am not a person who follows trends and I usually opt for retro, vintage and the treasures that I find in the trips that I make. Since I was little I buy fashion magazines but I prefer to follow my personal style and promote the second hand before the fast fashion“, he says.

guiomar door interview bazaar cinema fashion trend

Guiomar Puerta poses with a dress, shoes and a diadem, total look by Fendi in the Chaflán Room of the Cerralbo Museum

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In the Chaflán Room, full of pastel paintings where gatherings and whispers took place, the artist tells us about her connection with art. “When I travel I always try to go to museums, I love discovering artists. At the national level I love Carla Fuentes or Mercedes Bellido, but I have many artist friends that I admire.”

Being close to the Guggenheim has allowed him to have a special contact with the plastic arts, although his passion for writing seems to win the game in his spare time. “I really like writing and I intend to dedicate more time to it because it helps me to free myself and focus my ideas. I am passionate about script writing, I would not stand out in the future to create something, although I have a lot of respect for the direction, and although it interests me, I think you have to be very prepared, “she says.

guiomar door interview bazaar cinema fashion trend

The actress with a dress and a diadem, both by Fendi, and asymmetrical earrings from the stylist.

Czech gem

What values ​​will accompany Guiomar Puerta in 2021? “The camaraderie of course, I love creating a good work environment and connecting with my colleagues beyond the days of filming. And on a personal level I would love to get more characters in film, some character that is interesting and special, even if it is small. “.

Although she is still immersed in the filming of the fourth season of the TVE series, I am alive, Puerta dreams of experimenting in comedy. “I have always gotten quite dramatic roles, perhaps because I give a sweet and fragile-looking image, but I enjoy comedy a lot and I want to do something hooligan within the genre,” he says. Soon we will see if it succeeds.

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