Release divorce certificate allegedly belonging to Syahrini and Reino Barack, netizens: If they separate, there will be new victims

Hops.IDSyahrini And Kingdom of Barracks is currently in the spotlight after the issue of family rifts.

This time, a divorce certificate allegedly owned by him was released Syahrini And Kingdom of Barracks on a TikTok account.

Uploading alleged divorce certificates Syahrini And Kingdom of Barracks be for and against. Is it true that the house inhabited for 3 years now has to run aground in the middle of the road?

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The video uploaded from Tiktok account @reza_delapan reads the caption “Syahrini And Kingdom of Barracks divorce?” so that this aroused the curiosity of netizens, whether their romance up to that point should cover the problems that had occurred.

Although it is not known for sure whether it is a divorce certificate Syahrini And Kingdom of Barracks or not, but it can be seen in the photo of this divorce certificate that it has been signed and stamped.

Until this news went viral, there was still no clarification from the party Syahrini And Kingdom of Barracks.

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Alleged divorce certificate belonging to Syahrini and Reino Barack (Instagram @lambe_danu_official99)

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