Relearning patience from nature

Gardening is not a matter of five minutes. This healthy hobby doesn’t seem to fit into the gears of the current, fast-paced world. But for those looking for stress relief, a garden, or at least a planted balcony, is ideal for meditating and relearning the virtue of patience.

Gardening – a question of patience

Patience is a virtue that drives many people in our fast-moving world crazy. People with this ability trained for a long time before they could develop this deep peace of mind for a specific activity. Gardening is a good example of how patience pays off. Care is needed in preparing the soil, accuracy in sowing or planting. The soil must be loosened constantly, but carefully, and the plant must be kept free of pests. The mostly short-lived culmination of all efforts is the harvest. After that, only the thorough follow-up of the beds will help to harvest the sown in the new season.

Begin self-therapy patience consciously

Even people without professional stress go through their everyday life like a changing appointment calendar. During one errand, the thoughts are already circling with the next one. As long as everything runs like a cog, stress remains at a healthy level. On chaos days, a botched appointment is enough, about the bad mood to carry into the night. If the stress lasts for a long time, even physical illnesses are possible. Calm down pills and yoga classes don’t really help. For a yoga class, a new date has to be added to the head calendar – and this can immediately cause new agitation. It is high time to create moments of escape from the everyday hamster wheel in favor of health.

Gardening as a welcome meditation

At first, gardening as a hobby sounds like a lot of work. Maybe scare indeed the physical exertion to be expected. But it is precisely this activity that can help to pave the way to more patience. Simple, hardly time-consuming and always availableis a Minibeet on the balcony. The maintenance effort is manageable, even for highly stressed business people. The results are either visually gorgeous or additionally tasty. During the minutes at the planter, a ticking appointment calendar, a mobile phone and not even the nagging of the family from just now count. Also because of the usually slow results when ornamental and vegetable plants thrive, the hobby enforces patience.

Find motivation through a goal

Just one Put the plant in the ground and pull it out again, that doesn’t make much sense to many people. You can experiment with nature by starting with annual summer flowers. They grow quickly, forgive too much or a lack of water depending on the variety and are a real feast for the eyes. Those who expect more of everything are welcome to venture into the cultivation of fruit or vegetables. Even exotic types of vegetables thrive in planters under local weather conditions if no bed is available. Who because of bakery who don’t want to go through the hassle of gardening can use the tubs for easy maintenance convert to a raised bed on wooden frames.

Advanced Patience

“Anyone who plants an apple tree at 90 has understood life” is an old saying. Because an apple tree only bears fruit after many years of care. Patience is also necessary after years of care for peach trees. Once you have experienced the phenomenon of patience as relaxing, you will enjoy it for a long time just from imagining the future plant years. rewarded this patience often only develops after eight, twelve or more years. On the other hand, every new bloom and harvest will trigger a chuckle at the gardener’s perseverance.


Children hardly learn patience in our hectic times full of fleeting changes. Even adults now attend relaxation seminars because they have forgotten how to be patient. With the care of plants in the garden or alternatively in the planter on the balcony, nature itself teaches this forgotten virtue. The side effect is the ever-recurring joy of the slowly growing gardener’s happiness.

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