Relaxation in sport: footballers and other team athletes hope for the Corona summit

Sport will soon be possible in NRW: amateur and popular sport can look forward to relaxation after the Corona summit. But these depend on the incidence.

Update from March 4th, 0.01 a.m .: Sport will soon be possible again after a month-long corona standstill. At the corona summit of the federal and state governments, Angela Merkel (CDU) and the prime ministers around NRW state chief Armin Laschet decided that there is the possibility of gradual easing for German amateur and popular sport in the pandemic.

What exactly is allowed again and when depends on the corona numbers. The measures that the federal states can take is divided into various steps.

  • Step 1: When a stable seven-day incidence of less than 50 is achieved, non-contact exercise can be made possible in small groups of no more than ten people outdoors. With a stable or falling seven-day incidence of less than 100, the respective country can allow individual sports with a maximum of 5 people from 2 households and sports in groups of up to 20 children up to 14 years of age outdoors.
  • Step 2: If the seven-day incidence in the region or country is stable below 50 for 14 days after the previous opening step, the country may allow for non-contact indoor and outdoor contact sports. If, on the other hand, the seven-day incidence two weeks after the previous opening step is between 50 and 100, contact-free indoor and outdoor contact sports can only be made possible if all participants have a negative, daily corona rapid test on the same day.
  • Step 3: If the seven-day incidence in the region or country is stable below 50 for 14 days after the previous opening step, the country may resume indoor contact sports. If, on the other hand, the incidence is between 50 and 100 14 days after the previous opening step, indoor contact sports are not possible. Then only contact-free sport inside and contact sport outside – but without the requirement of a test – is allowed.

Relaxation in sport? Corona summit gives hope to footballers and other team athletes

Update from March 3, 10:54 a.m.: Will be back soon Amateur soccer allowed? A lot is clear ahead of the federal and state corona summit this Wednesday Relaxations for the Sport down. The draft resolution contains various opening steps from the Corona-Lockdown for sport – depending on the incidence and in time gradations.

  • Step 1: If the incidence is stable below 35, non-contact sports should be allowed in small groups (up to 10 people) outdoors; with up to 10 children (up to 14 years) already with a value below 100.
  • step 2: If the incidence does not jump over the 35 limit again, contact-free indoor and outdoor contact sports (e.g. soccer) should be possible 14 days later. If the incidence is below 100, the participants must submit a daily updated Corona quick test or self-test.
  • Step 3: If the incidence does not exceed the 35 incidence for a further 14 days, indoor contact sports (e.g. handball) should be allowed. If the incidence is below 100, it remains with non-contact sports inside and contact sports outside, but with no test requirement.
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Sport in NRW: Sport in NRW: More easing soon? The deadline is March 3rd

Update from February 23, 5:17 p.m .: Are in Amateur and recreational sports more soon Relaxations possible? In any case, the sports ministers put pressure on the country bosses and the Chancellor. Accordingly, a return model in six stages should be millions of Sportswomen and Athletes enable normal operation again soon. The deadline is then probably the 3 March, at which Angela Merkel (CDU) is discussing possible further easing with the Prime Minister. The 24 million members in the roughly 90,000 clubs of the German Olympic Sports Confederation are full of hope.

federal state North Rhine-Westphalia
Capital Düsseldorf
Residents 17.93 million (2019)

But Relaxations will likely depend on many factors. For one, it comes out obvious – just like it did first Opening measures yes it already emerges – on the group size in the individual sports be practiced. To be another Relaxations im Sport presumably come as a step model and are based on local or regional incidence values.

Sport in NRW: New Corona easing – this is already possible again with immediate effect

NRW – The new CoronaProtection Ordinance in NRW engages. Accordingly, from today on there are again different ones in North Rhine-Westphalia Sports offers usable. The Sports facilities their gates. But there are many aspects to consider for recreational athletes. (News about the coronavirus)

Because the Corona Protection Ordinance in North Rhine-Westphalia still does not allow any Sport with many people. Since then February 22 again on so-called Open air sports facilities Sports may be practiced, however, the sport may only be practiced in pairs or exclusively with people from your own household.

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As from the Protection Ordinance It also shows that there must be a distinction between the various people or groups involved in sports Minimum distance be preserved, the five meters amounts to. Common rooms, changing rooms or showers from Sports facilities remain closed. The sports field operators must check whether the Corona measures be respected. In the event of disregard, there are legal consequences. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia published the new Corona Protection Ordinance with the easing for North Rhine-Westphalia on Friday. There is also relaxation in other areas of life: for example, DIY stores in North Rhine-Westphalia have an exception.

Sport in NRW thanks to the Corona Protection Ordinance: Football and handball not possible

What through this Corona relaxation becomes possible again, are consequently single-player sports that are practiced outdoors, such as Tennis, Golf or the wide field of athletics. Also Table tennis and Badminton are possible, but not reported in halls where club life often takes place*. In contrast, it remains difficult for contact sports in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Where in the Sport Several players are needed for a team are currently not yet Relaxations in prospect. Of the Football and Athletics Association Westphalia (FLVW) assumes that there will be no training or games until at least the end of March Football relays can take place. Meanwhile, FLVW Vice President Manfred Schnieders cannot understand that there is criticism of the association because of a supposedly wait-and-see attitude.

Tennis benefits from the partial opening in the corona lockdown.

© Frank Molter/dpa

Handball and Basketball for example, are meanwhile on hold not only because of the contact restrictions. The Partial opening is specifically on Sports facilities restricted to the open air. It means that Sports hall and Swimming pools initially for private sport closed stay. Individual sport activities such as martial arts that are practiced indoors are therefore still prohibited. In addition to indoor sports facilities and swimming pools also remain Indoor sports facilities closed. The fitness center chain McFit has therefore already launched so-called outdoor gyms in several German cities.

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Sport in NRW thanks to the Corona Protection Ordinance: State Sports Association pleads for further openings

That Sports facilities – albeit with reservations – are allowed to reopen, but also has a symbolic factor, the hope for more openings grows. Also at Stefan Klett, President of the State Sports Federation of North Rhine-Westphalia. “That is a very important step. These spaces for movement, which children and young people in particular need so urgently, are finally being made accessible again, ”said Velcro, in the hope that municipalities will now implement the resolutions quickly.

Of the Landessportbund but also calls for more Relaxationsby advocating a tiered model based on national incidence values. There is also a step-by-step plan at the schools in North Rhine-Westphalia, which have also been open again since February 22nd – although not for all classes.

The customized Corona regulations to exercise Recreational sports activities should for the time being until March 7th be valid. On March 3rd, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Ministers of the federal states will then discuss how to proceed in the Corona-Krise decide. Under certain circumstances, there are also possible further ones Relaxations at the Sport. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

List of rubric lists: © Tobias Hase / dpa

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