Relatives of Simple Sheikh Ali Jaber Value: Income for Contracted House-Members


Passed away Syekh Ali Jaber leaving deep grief for relatives. Sakinah Mahri, a relative of Sheikh Ali Jaber, judged the life of a famous scholar as simple.

“His production is for the people. Even his house, as far as I know, is still there contract, “said Sakinah at the residence of Syekh Ali Jaber, Taman Berdikari Sentosa Housing, Jati, Pulogadung, East Jakarta, Thursday (14/1/2021).

Sakinah remembers Sheikh Ali Jaber devoting his life for the afterlife. He said Sheikh Ali Jaber was very supportive of the hafiz of the Qur’an.

“Sheikh Ali, he did dedicate his life to the hereafter, yes, to be very men-support tahfiz-tahfiz Qur’an, to men-support blind people so they can read the Koran by creating Braille Qu’ran into digital Braille Qur’an, “he said.

A security officer for the housing where Sheikh Ali Jaber lives confirmed that the house where the famous cleric lived was not his own. Sheikh Ali Jaber was an extraordinary figure in the eyes of this officer.

“Yes, he is contract indeed, he’s been there a long time, already around eight years or so, “said security guard of Taman Berdikari Sentosa Housing when interviewed separately.

“She’s an extraordinary person, kind, never involved in even though it’s political issues, she doesn’t want to, normal, the coolest sheikh,” he continued

As is known, Sheikh Ali Jaber passed away today at Yarsi Hospital. Sheikh Ali Jaber died after 19 days of being hospitalized.

The family of Sheikh Ali Jaber ensured that there would be no tahlilan. They asked the mourning community to pray from their respective places.

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“Tahlilan today, tonight, and in seven days there will be no tahlilan, because during the pandemic, there are no crowds,” said Sheikh Muhammad, the younger brother of the late Sheikh Ali Jaber, when met at the funeral home in Pulogadung area, East Jakarta, Thursday ( 14/1).



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