Rejoice, “Lamyong Nong Hin Hao” wields his boyfriend into a warm wedding ceremony.

Another joyful event to end the year For the auspicious event of Singer Lam Sing Sa Lamyong, Nong Hin Hao Who wielded the young couplemarryThe warmest among the fans who attended the overwhelming joy

Called the month ofmarryActually, for the final month of this year, celebrities are holding hands together for a number of marriages. One of them is Lam Sing, the most famous woman. Lamyong, Nong Hin Hao At last, he was swinging a boyfriend “Dacha” Who merged as a personal manager into a hot fresh wedding among the adults in the industrymusic And brothers and sisters who were active artists who were active in the event

By page Grammy Gold Affiliation of the girl pretty Revealed pictures of the couple’s happy day With a message saying “Happy to end the year “Lamyong Nong Hin Hao” Tie arm joints with boyfriend “Life Manager”

Holding a beautiful moment, 24 Dec, the hottest country singer “Lamyong Nong Hin Hao” Hold the arm “Dacha” Manager and boyfriend Simple wedding ceremony With bindings on the arms of the beloved boss Mr. Kris Tommus , Bum Panaddawongpudee, Teacher Sala Khunwuthi, A. Boy Teerapongsakkaew, A. Sawat Sarakham, Singtao Sarawut Tung Khilek, Gen. Gen. Sila Laang, Arthasalee, Pang Caravan

WeddingPretty and dacha

In addition to adults, the producers also have artists, brothers and sisters.Phapongsathorn, Trichai Nong, Lamlay Phinwongsakorn, Paowalee Pornpimon, Dok Or Thungthong, Khan Tong Thung Ngoen Come join the wrist handler as well With parents and siblings Friends, close relatives of both parties Come join us to congratulate and witness with warmth “ Congratulations to the bride and groom here in red.

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