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Rejected goals and red card, but Atletico still beats Betis | LaLiga Santander 2019/2020


  1. 45 + 2 ‘- Geel – Antonio Barragán
  2. 43 ‘- Verv. Andrés Guardado door Alfonso Pedraza
  3. 42′ – Verv. Kieran Trippier door Santiago Arias
  4. 11 ‘- Yellow – Stefan Savic
  1. 90 + 3 ‘- Geel – Emerson Appeared
  2. 83 ‘- Ref. Mlex Moreno by Tello
  3. 83 ‘- Verv. Loren Morón door Borja Iglesias
  4. 78 ‘- Geel – Zouhair Feddal
  5. 74 ‘- Goal – Diego Costa (1 – 0)
  6. 70 ‘- Verv. William Carvalho door Joaquín
  7. 70 ‘- Verv. Antonio Barragán door Emerson Aparecido
  8. 62 ‘- Verv. Ángel Correa door Felipe
  9. 57 ‘- Rood – Mario Hermoso
  10. 55 ‘- Verv. Marcos Llorente door Yannick Carrasco
  11. 55 ‘- Verv. Álvaro Morata door Diego Costa
  12. 55 ‘- Ref. Saúl by Vitolo

Despite a minority number, Atletico Madrid has sent Betis back to Seville empty-handed: 1-0. The VAR did not cooperate with two rejected goals, but Yannick Carrasco guided Diego Costa to the 1-0.

The VAR claimed the leading role in the first half and Atletico was not satisfied with that. First Correa’s goal was rejected for hands and then Morata’s party was canceled due to offside.

The nerves of Atletico were also tense after the break and Hermoso proved that. He suffered a loss of ball and took revenge. The ref pulled red, went to have a look after the intervention of the VAR, but it remained red.

Atletico seemed to be in dirty papers, but it was saved by 2 invaders. Yannick Carrasco painted a free kick on the head (or shoulder) of Diego Costa. After long deliberation, the VAR approved that goal.

And so Atletico continues his good streak since the restart with 21 to 27. Thanks to the victory, Atletico is also guaranteed a place in the top 4 and a ticket for next season’s Champions League.

Diego Costa’s goal was approved

The two disapproved goals from Atletico Madrid


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