Reject Score 5 X 11, Susy Susanti Worries Bad Badminton Missing the Olympics Page all – Legend badminton Indonesia, Susy Susanti, also commented on the discourse score changes badminton.

PBSI as the parent badminton Indonesia officially submitted a proposal to change the scoring system in badminton matches to the Federation Badminton World (BWF).

PBSI together with the Maldives Badminton Federation proposed a change in score 3 x 21 Becomes 5×11.

This proposal will later be discussed at the BWF Annual General Meeting which is scheduled to take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 22 May 2021.

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Susy Susanti also spoke out about the discourse on changing the score. The 1992 Barcelona Olympics gold medalist assessed that the change in score made badminton seem to have no identity.

“For my personal opinion, I consistently disagree (with the change in score),” said Susy Susanti when contacted by, Wednesday (7/4/2021) afternoon WIB.

“What is the urgency for badminton points to be changed again, while the popularity of badminton has risen. The audience is okay, many countries have also participated,” he said.

“I see it from all sectors. So, if it is popular, accepted and maintained at the Olympics, why change again?” he said.

“The impression is that badminton does not have an identity. At that time, there were 15 points, then the format was searched, starting from seven points, nine, 11, to 21 points. It took a long time to adapt,” he said.

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Susy continued, he was worried that with the change in score, badminton would be considered unattractive and would end up being removed from the Olympics.

“The popularity of badminton can continue or not? Every time we make decisions there must be consequences, right?” he said.

“The thing that I’m afraid of, for example, if badminton is not popular and is considered unattractive, this sport might be removed from the Olympics,” he said.

“For other things I am not too dizzy. The one thing I fear the most is if badminton disappears from the Olympics,” he said.

“However, the final decision is in the hands of the BWF. Globally, it would be good to study again,” said Susy.

Rather than changing the point system, Susy Susanti hopes that BWF will remain focused on carrying out programs to increase the popularity of badminton.

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“I see actually BWF’s work is quite good for some time, how they have popularized this sport in countries that are not familiar with badminton,” said Susy.

“BWF has cooperation with one of them with Indonesia as well. Players from Peru, Kenya, are sent to clubs here to train and share knowledge,” he said.

“BWF has also provided financial assistance so that they can participate in certain championships,” he said.

“In approach, it is a good thing. Well, how can the good ones be maintained, but don’t change too much,” said Susy Susanti.


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