Reinforced alert zone: Ouistreham tightens measures for holidays


–>At the town hall of Ousitreham, this Friday, October 16 at the end of the day, Romain Bail details the new measures applicable in the seaside resort.

At the town hall of Ousitreham, this Friday, October 16 at the end of the day, Romain Bail detailed the new measures applicable in the seaside resort. (© Arnaud Héroult / Liberty Caen)

Friday, October 16, 2020. It is 6.30 p.m. and Romain Bail, the mayor of Ouistreham, talks about strengthening the health measures put in place in the seaside resort.

It is the start of the holidays, “tourists can come from curfew areas” and Calvados will officially be in an enhanced alert zone from Saturday 17th October.

In bars and restaurants

The shell party that was supposed to take place this weekend has been canceled. And the mayor of Ousitreham intends to enforce the prefectural decisions concerning bars and restaurants. “I will be vigilant,” he says.

In particular for the Navy and Havana which had a call to order from the prefecture.

Romain Bail,Mayor of Ouistreham

He wants everyone to play along and restaurants to apply the rule of six at the table.

Reduce the world to the markets

Since this morning, a count has been set up on the Ouistreham market so as not to exceed 1,000 people at the same time.

A solution was also found to “de-densify the Friday market with a more open street”.

Mandatory mask wearing

It is still compulsory on avenue de la Mer, place Lofi and on the entire dike. It will also be obligatory on Place de Gaulle, on the port, on the market place of Riva even when there is no market. And from Monday, the wearing of the mask could be extended to the Place du Bourg.

If the prefect agrees, these measures will take effect on Monday, October 19.

Romain Bail promises checks, especially at the fish market because they want fishermen to be the first to wear them, but when “I passed one in 6 had it”.

If the mask is not worn, the mayor of Ouistreham says he will not hesitate “to close the hall”.

Rooms, gymnasiums, casino …

For private parties, now prohibited in Calvados, the City reminds that it does not rent rooms. On the side of associations, the health protocols already in place will be verified.

If the situation worsens, I will not hesitate to close gyms and socio-cultural centers. Everything must be done to avoid the curfew.

Romain Bail

The casino, which only accommodates 150 people at the same time, remains open normally with the exception of the bar which will close at 9 p.m. and the restaurant at 10 p.m.

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