Reinaldo Rueda chose the successor of “Mago” Valdivia

Reinaldo Rueda, technical director of the Chilean national team, was this Thursday in We are all CDF Technicians and chose Pablo Aránguiz, current steering wheel of the University of Chile, as the successor of Jorge Valdivia facing the future of La Roja.

“Pablo Aránguiz for me is going to be the successor of Jorge Valdivia, I hope I am not wrong. With the teacher Palermo in the Spanish Union, it was a fantasy to see him. We called him to the national team. What for? To be six months or a year sitting down (in the United States). And we lost it, “the Colombian began by pointing out.

“He came back here, to the Spanish Union. He went to the University of Chile, went to the national team and was a great contribution. We need him to be Jorge Valdivia’s successor because of the special sensitivity he has. There is no other player like this,” he said.

At the moment, the player wants to continue in the student team but his future will depend on what the player says. FC Dallas, of the American MLS.

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