Regulator in the United States took up arms against lithium 18650 batteries and demands to ban the sale of cells in online stores

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a caution not to buy 18650 battery cells. This is about selling cells separately outside of battery packs. For example, such items are purchased separately for flashlights, e-cigarettes and other electronics. The Commission has already begun working with major online retailers to ban the sale of single 18650 cells.

Lithium cells 18650 in bulk. Image source: Nariman Safarov/Getty Images

If you believe sources, eBay and other sites have already received a ban on the sale of single 18650 cells. It can be assumed that the tightening of the rules for the circulation of lithium battery cells is associated with an increased risk of short circuits. Outside the battery pack with many levels of protection, a single cell is not protected in any way and, moreover, its poles (contacts) can be accidentally short-circuited by small change, keys or other pieces of iron in a pocket, bag or somewhere else. The result of such a short circuit will not please the owner and can lead to serious burns and fire.

At the same time, no cases of ignition of single battery cells have yet been reported, while in the composition of batteries this is rare, but it does occur. Therefore, one can only guess why the 18650 cells fell out of favor.

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